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This Time Apple iPhone 7 Going to Get Duel Sensor Camera

Now Apple followed his traditional release pattern in the past when they lunched iPhone`s design. Every year Apple release iPhone then after a year they lunched their "S" model in the market. But Now this time we will see more prominent changes in iPhone 7 as compare to their previous models. But according to the U.S reporter iPhone 7 same like just but their is a two main difference in this iPhone as compare to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. One of them is under:
Apple iPhone 7 With Dual Camera:The most amazing feature of this time in Apple iPhone 7 that is Dual-Camera. According to the American reporter the Dual-Camera has more recently been associated with new rumors surrounding  the iPhone 7. Keep in mind that it is currently not clear that iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S will be the same. or may that is possible Apple lunch a separate there third model this year.

Apple iPhone 7 With Dual Camera With Picture
This time iPhone design iPhone 7 with latest technology as well as using batter machine then before. iPhone 7 will come with Dual-Camera. In this phone totally their a three camera`s First camera called primary camera and second one called secondary camera. And third one called tertiary camera. What the function of tertiary camera in this phone. We all know that the working of primary and secondary camera. But tertiary camera will have awesome features. Tertiary camera also called Zoom camera, The main function of this camera is we can focus on the object correctly. In this result whenever we take shoot it makes picture more reliable. Apple recently acquired a company called LinX, which makes 3D camera sensors that are said to match DSLRs in terms of performance, despite their size. Apparently these cameras have depth-sensing abilities make them useful for facial recognition, 3D scanning and post-shot refocusing, all this information taken from U.S reporter.
Apple iPhone 7 With Dual Camera With Picture
It has been rightly said that Apple iPhone 7 will offer a more "traditional" camera, but that it will sit flush with the rear, as we mentioned earlier. More recent rumor suggest it may not sit flush at all however, as we also mentioned previously. A leak report from Taiwan claims to show off the Dual-Camera lens, as does a case leak on Unbox Therapy. The former leak claims the iPhone 7 will feature a normal focus 12-megapixel sensor and lens and one telephoto 12-megapixel sensor and lens. If combined with LinX smarts, it should allow the camera to intelligently sense depth, which would be ideal for 3D scanning or smart augmented reality experiences. Here we show how a camera fix in a Apple iPhone 7.
Fix Dual-Camera in iPhone 7:
Now here i will show you how fix a Dual-Camera in iPhone 7. Ina first step i will show dual camera.
Fix Dual-Camera in iPhone 7 With Picture

Two camera are shows in above picture which use in latest mobile Apple iPhone 7. On the left side it is a zoom camera and at the right side show you Zoom camera. In the next step i will tell you how to fix on the board of iPhone 7.
There is different design for Apple iPhone 7 how to fix camera so don`t be confused what hell going on. So  this is complete step after all iPhone look like this. I think Dual-Camera feature in made it separate from all. Now you should must ready your pocket and violet because such type awesome phone waiting for you.

First Time Apple is Introducing Its Upcoming iPhone 7 Waterproof

Most world popular brand introducing first time in all over the world an amazing phone. The brand name is Apple and his phone name is iPhone 7. The new rumors about Apple iPhone 7  will be water proof. Who much it is trust it will come to know in 16 September 2016. In now days where the competitor like Samsung, Sony, L.G and other rivals already lunched their waterproof smartphone in all over the world. But still Apple did`t offer such kind phone like waterproof. But how that possible Apple anyone beat iPhone so be patient this time in a September Apple lunch their smartest Phone ever which beat every competitor. So just relax until September.
Apple iPhone 7 Waterproof:
According to an American reporter. After lunching iPhone 6S. Apple decided they will lunch iPhone with waterproof test. Now in this year their dream come true.
Apple iPhone 7 Waterproof With Picture
Apple has been ahead of the rivals most of the times when it comes to bring innovation with every new iPhone and if new iPhone 7 could be waterproofed. it will again be a new innovation. There are many other brand and they give very tough time to iPhone 7. Usually the smartphone which are waterproof can resist water for 30-mints maximum and if submerged within a depth of 1 meter only. 
Mostly Samsung, Sony HTC and Lenovo these brand have numbers of phone of waterproof in a market all over the world. Some of phone device are under:

  • Sony Xperia Z3
Sony advertises its waterproof Xperia Z3 with an image of people using the smartphone underwater.Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone page on Sony on website still boasts that owners can take pictures with the best smartphone camera while swimming in fresh water for up to 30 minutes. but that doesn't mean you take picture at any time Xperia Z3 warning to their user not use mobile while driving.

Sony Xperia Z3 With Picture
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
    Samsung think about waterproof after a long time but in last previous they 
    achieve their goal and successfully lunched their first phone Samsung S5 in all over the world. See the below picture and think that what technology use at that time.  
Samsung Galaxy S5 With Picture
  • HTC Butterfly
    hTc is one of the popular brand wh give very tough time to Samsung as well as iPhone. In this way they lunched a lot of mobile in the market. They lunched his first smartphone with the amazing feature in 2015 the feature is that "Waterproof". When they lunched that phone they got a lot of point in the market.  
HTC Butterfly With Picture
  • Lenovo A660
Lenove A660 is most popular brand of china. China has the world largest smartphone market.  They recently lunched Lenovo A660 with waterproof. Now they fail to make but after this they show great improvement in this matter a introduce a lot of waterproof mobile in the company. 

Lenovo A660 With Picture


Difference Between iPhone 6s And iPhone 7

As time passes the new invention take place and older become the part of the past as the time passes. Same Apple is working every time for  a change for something remarkable. The new iPhone will come and take the people excitement from initial to furious stage. Lets see a preview of Apple iPhone 6s and 7.
iPhone 7 VS iPhone 6s

The main and the biggest

difference between these two models is their size.
iPhone 6s is about 4.7 inches and have a resolution of about 1920x1080.
iPhone 7 is about 5 inches big and has a  high class resolution of about 2560x1440.
Here below is the explanation of what i am saying in a picture.
Screen Size Rview

 Back design

Both of iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 has a very fine design specially both of their back are very different and unique. Let me explain you what i am saying.
Back Comparizan iPhone 6s And iPhone 7

Headphone Jack:

Apple is changing its iPhone 7 headphone jack form stereo to lightning jack. This will bring very changes in the quality of the sound. It will also reduces the consumption of space and will also help in the making of slimmer design.
This is a picture of a lightning and a regular jack.

 Micro USB Port and Lightning Cable:

Every one is aware that apple has its very own jack. But we have noticed that apple is changing its all ports with the new latest lightning jack. This jack has its own two advantages one is that this jack is faster and this jack reduces the chance of damaging the port and it also gives a advantage of two sided input means you can either attach this port in upside down or down side up it don't matters no more here is a preview of both the cables down bellow.
Comparision Between Different Jacks


iOS 10 Secrets and Tips

Apple iPhone is an impressive tool with hundreds and thousand of brilliant features, but there is a lot of secrets and tips that mostly people don`t know actually they are exist until now. Here I will tell you tell you about the tips and secrets of Apple iPhone 7. You must be surprised to know how much your iPhone can accomplish if you have got a few insider tips and secrets. So read here full post for understanding iPhone more closely. Now mostly iPhone have iOS 10. Which just discover the iPhone as well as iPad upgrading to iOS 10 your iPhone and iPad. This iOS update is massive containing a most important improvement in it. That is Siri, iMessages, Apple Maps and much more.
iOS 10 Secrets And Tips:
iOS 10 Secrets And Tips With Picture
Swipe For Widgets:
Now in Apple iPhone 7 lunched with iOS 10. It will be totally new so that their will be a lot of feature and tips in it. Now here i tell you what we do swipe for widgets on home screen. When you install iOS 10 you will be presented with a new Home Screen. We find this change the most unlocking our iPhone and iPad had remained the same process. Now just swipe right and enter your pass-code. 
Swipe For Widgets With Picture

 With Touch ID now firmly entrenched on all new Apple devices, Apple's decided that the swipe to unlock gesture is no longer required. Instead, you can swipe right to access a Widgets window and swipe left to access Camera. These gestures are more intuitive than the current ones.
Custom Widgets:
Now you can add the custom widgets in it. The widgets which is display app information on iPhone Home Screen with unlocking the iPhone or give not compulsory give pass key. In first time it just display weather , time and information from the calendar. as well as News, Music, Batteries and Reminder as well as Siri app suggestion. Touch to any app from upper given may you be asked to use Touch ID or Enter passcoode if you sure your phone with this. 

Apple iPhone 7 Custom Widgets With Picture

Remove Apps:
In the iPhone 7 now you can remove your installed apps. Now you can also remove its stocks apps from the home screen. There are a few exceptions. Find iPhone and Feedback are locked as is playground on our iPhone or iPad for some technical Issue. But we can`t never ride of Apple store, Apple Map, Face Time, Calendar  and iTune store. If you removed your apps bu mistake then you can re-install it from App Store with searching the name of that app.
Apple iPhone Remove Apps With Picture
Sketch in Message:
In next iPhone 7 which lunched in 16 September bring a wonderful and amazing feature with them that is sketch message. I know you are very supersize to read that what is that. Now don`t worry about it here i am going to tell you about it. The ability to sketch out message was first time introduce on the App Watch. It`s a fun feature . For this open messages and tap the sketch icon. Sketch a drawing on the black rectangle area then send your family and friend.
Sketch in Message With Picture

Bedtime in Clock:
In upcoming iPhone 7 there is a such amazing feature that is a bedtime in clock. The clock App now has a new feature called Bedtime. Through this function we can wake up alarm and remind me go to bed. For this purpose and facilitates  you just need to Open clock and tap to Bedtime and now get started. In this function bedtime asks what time you want to wake up and tap to next and deselect the days the alarm should not go off.
Bedtime in Clock With Picture
Shoot in a Burst Mode:
Burst mode is a new feature that lets you capture several photos simultaneously. In iOS 7, quickly capturing multiple photos was achieved by tapping the capture button several times, but now you need only to tap and hold the capture button until you’ve captured your desired number of photos.
Shoot in a Burst Mode With Picture


Tuesday, 23 August 2016

5 Best Messaging Apps For iPhone 7 & iPad

Messaging is the significant way to communicate with each others. Now in this education world it become more prominent and common. There are many Apps used for this purpose in Apple iPhone 7. You don't to be worry about this. Here I tell you all about it because our motto or slogan is "Everything About iPhone 7". Here we start some Apps are using offline and mostly online. Here we will discus every single app. Online chatting is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family throughout the day, and there are dozens of useful messaging apps that offer great features for doing so. Whether you want free voice and video calls, emoji reactions, or vanishing selfies, here's my list for messaging apps that stand out from the crowd.

  1. Messenger App:
    Facebook Messenger is most common app in this whole world.
    Using Facebook Messenger, you'll be able to send messages, videos, pictures, links and more to your Facebook friends or Facebook pages within the app. You can start group chats or have individual conversations, and there are plenty of stickers and GIF available to send too. You can also send emoji we different style. This app can also use in iPad and you can also shear you location with your friend.

    Messenger App With Picture
  2. Whats-App:One of the most popular messaging apps is Whats-App, Which allows you to send messages, videos, pictures, audio, links and even locations to your friends or family for free over WiFi or using your data allowance if you're on 2G, 3G or 4G at the time. Whats-App is easy to use iOS and even in web browsers. You can message individual contacts or create a group message with a particular set of friends. Now you can make broadcast list in it. Whats-App is very popular across multiple OS' for a reason. Its highly customization, and very easy to use to message others on the service as it connects via your mobile number.
    Whats-App With Picture
  3. Snap Chat:
    You don't even have to take a picture to use Snap chat. Snap chat is the voice of a new chatty generation. You can also send text messages in case you don't want to participate in the whole game of the Selfie. But, chances are, they'll still probably send you pictures of themselves. You take a picture or video of a moment in time, share it with others, and viewers can only see those Snaps for a few seconds (unless they take a screenshot). If you like sending and receiving photos, and love to live in the now, you'll enjoy messaging with Snap chat.
    Snap Chat With Picture
  4. Viber App:
    Viber is also most famous App which is used for messaging. This isn't in quite the same league as Whats-App, Facebook Messenger or Snap chat when it comes to global popularity, but in some countries such as Australia it's the messaging app of choice.
    It's much like Whats-App and Facebook Messenger in its capabilities, though, so it really depends on what your friends are using when it comes to choosing between the three.

  5. Line App:
    Line App is one of the most popular app in the world. Mostly gamer use it for their own conversation because it is too fast and reliable. Through it we can make audio call as well as video call. We can send picture message as well as audio messages. Mostly people use it for emoji. It has numbers emoji in it. For more fun must download it from App Store.
    Line App With Picture

Monday, 22 August 2016

Short Review of Apple iPhone 7 With Expected Features

Everyone is very thirsted for about iPhone 7. There are many rumors flying about iPhone 7, that is about releasing date, What are the new features, concept and design in iPhone for 2016? And what will we call new Apple iPhone? How much all these thing true it will prove after lunching new iPhone. After taking review of all rumors and feature we conclude a lot of result how look Apple iPhone, What the new feature in it. But all the predication how many, true show on 16 September 2016.
Might be possible the iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus are getting closer. Today websites full of about new iPhone that world famous brand lunched in 2016. In this article we gather short information about every topic for next iPhone. Firstly we talk about releasing date of new iPhone in different countries.
New iPhone Releasing Date:
Might be possible that new iPhone have different releasing date in different country. But we all know that Apple iPhone is a U.S brand so here we talk about releasing date in U.S. According to the rumors there different but here I tell you according to the U.S reporter the new iPhone lunching date is in the following section.

Launch Date:

Mostly people knows that iPhone will lunched in September but their are minor people who knows when new iPhone will lunched. But when there I am there is no tension. So here  I tell you new iPhone 7 will lunched on Friday 16 September 2016.

Stereo jack OR Lightning Port :

Those iPhone which are available in market had headphone jack. But in this iPhone mostly rumors are that is headphone removed and this time lightning jack introduced first time in the world. Now fans of the music can enjoying their music with lighting headphone.Headphone OR Lightning jack With Picture

Battery Life:

This time new iPhone 7 changes everything. Battery timing in the iPhone 7 may be a little better than the previous iPhone's. Apple brand introduce a powerful battery in iPhone 7. In previous iPhone battery timing was good after seeing the screen graphics.

Apple iPhone 7 Battery Life With Picture
16 GB will Removed?

This is HD world mean High Graphic. Now days every person desire download high resolution video, games and software. In the all for that thing more space required so that 16 GB i think not enough in this device. So we can expect that the new iPhone 7 start with 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB options.

16 GB will Removed? With Picture

iPhone 7 Waterproof:
According to an American reporter. After lunching iPhone 6S. Apple decided they will lunch iPhone with waterproof test. Now in this year their dream come true. In upcoming event now it would be interesting what will be next stage of iPhone.
Apple iPhone 7 Waterproof With Picture

Wireless charging:
The most critical situation of battle between Samsung and iPhone is very old and Samsung took first position in discovering new feature. But Apple didn't  make feature like Samsung so Rumors are coming that this time iPhone 7 will be charged without any cable it had wireless ability to charge cell iPhone.
 Dual Camera:
The most awesome feature in iPhone 7  it has Dual-Camera. This time iPhone design iPhone 7 with latest technology as well as using batter machine then before. iPhone 7 will come with Dual-Camera. According to the American reporter the Dual-Camera has more recently been associated with new rumors surrounding  the iPhone 7.

Wireless Charging With Picture

Smart Connector:
This time accessory maker change totally iPhone 7 design by replacing lighting cable with USB cable. Now I would be interesting what Apple do with their iPhone 7. But I am very sure about i would be very useful for all.

Smart Connector With Picture
Introducing iOS 10:
Now Apple`s introduced latest operating system for Apple iPhone 7. That is iOS 10. Which was released in 13 June, 2016. If you want to know more feature about iOS 10 operating system, then the best is to install it right now or wait until lunching iPhone 7.
Introducing iOS 10 With Picture

Speaker of iPhone 7:
The iPhone 7 speakers could play a role in helping users rely on headphones less in some situations. Apple upgraded the speaker on the iPhone 6s, pushing out louder, better sounding audio than the iPhone 6, but we want a little more from the iPhone 7.
Speaker of iPhone 7 With Picture
iPhone 7 Performance:
in upcoming iPhone 7 Apple brand use very high technology. Which provide great comfort and console to users. It working speed do anything without any hesitation. We also mention battery life above. So here we not talk about it. Now ready for buying because iPhone 7 coming Soon in this September 2016.

Apple iPhone 7 Performance With Picture


Sunday, 21 August 2016

10 Tips How to Make Space in iPhone - Clean iPhone Storage

Spacing is a real problem for all mobiles around the world and it is on us how we use and manage the limited amount of non-expandable storage. We love our iPhone, but one of the challenges we encounter every day is making the most of its marge 16GB of storage space. The fact that we manage this feat is all the more astonishing given that we had 64GB of space on our old iPhone. But don't worry why are we here we are here to help you just stay tune and follow me to get full access off your storage available on your device.
iPhone Storage Problem Solution

1.Basic of all delete apps:

We often are very use to that we keep a stack of apps in our iPhone just to get a great collection of apps but we don't use any of them even after a full month. Some of the apps just consumes to too much storage and some too much ram and they are when combined form a disaster for our device.
So first step to free up your memory is to delete the use less apps from your device.
To do this just press and hold on the app you want to delete and than a small x will appear on the left top of all the apps no you can easily delete any app by just clicking on that x button.

2.Clean up to get more storage using your settings:

If by deleting apps you are not able to get more storage out of you iPhone than just don't take tension I am here to help you. Just follow me  go to  Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage, then tap Manage Storage in the first section (STORAGE, rather than ICLOUD). Wait for the apps to appear under storage (it can take a minute or so for them to appear).
Their you will see apps and the data they are using so just go and check which app is using how much data and their you will notice many unused apps but they are consuming lots of storage. So now you will even come to know that your messaging apps is also consuming lots of storage as if you are a busy person and receives lots of messages now its on you how and which app data you want to delete.
Storage Setting Preview Of iPhone

3. Manage you message space and your memory data size:

If you are a busy person and you receives lots of messages. You have a great inbox data. Than my bro go to your settings and see the data your message app is using it will almost using about 750 MB. So if you are facing a low space error than each each MB is important so clear that to get some extra storage.
Message Inbox Preview

 4.  How to clear space on iPhone: Turn off Photo Stream

If you have Photo Stream turned on you will see photos you have taken on your iPhone or iPad and those you have uploaded to your Mac from your camera. These images aren't full res, but are still likely to take up a lot of space on your iPhone. If you could really do with that extra space the turn off photo stream.

5.Clear space on iPhone: Don't join other people's Photo Streams:

You can create and share photo streams with other people. This a nice and easy way to share the image of different events with our friends. But it takes lots of data and if you are facing the problem of low space than you have to turn this feature off and do so just go to Photo and sharing and ensure that it is turned off.

6. Sign up for iTunes Match:

If you are a music lover and you have a lots of collection of music than it is for sure every bit of music has its own data and some time only our music data becomes larger than several GBs so this thing troubles us so much but don't worry i am here to resolve this issue just sign up for i tunes it has a small amount of fee for a whole year. So can just sign up and enjoy as many music as you like with out being tense about the data size.

7. Remove iBooks you aren't reading:

Do you have lots of iBooks downloaded on your iPhone, and you don't read them usually than i prefer you should delete them it will save you lots of data and don't worry you books will be remain save on your iCloud so why not delete them.

 8. Check your photo-editing apps:

If you use to edit your photos and you have  a lots of collection than be assure that even if you delete the photos their you delete but their some amount of data still present in your memory. These are jun files or thumbnails so be ware to delete those and you will be able to save several amount of data.
Photo Editior Tool Preview

9.Spring-clean your Notes:

Lots of people use to write different note for their different daily routine and tasks. Lots of us don't delete the old notes this is a bad habit in a way that it consumes storage and that storage become larger when we have lots of notes in our phone so it is wiser to delete them when their task is done.
Notes Gallery Preview

10.Back up photos to Dropbox:

If you have lots of picture collection in gallery and you are a regular photo collector than you may see that only your photos will gather a storage of about 2 to 3 or up to 10 GB so you need to clear that space to get more more storage I am not saying that delete the pics just backup all of them on drop box or iCloud and you will be able to get more storage on your device.
Drop Box For iPhone


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