Thursday, 18 August 2016

Apple iPhone 7 Remove Headphone Jack With Lightning Jack

Their are many rumors about the Apple iPhone 7. Many of them are fake and many of them are real. Some rumors are just for gossip but some rumors are real. That kind of rumors who are real we cannot call them rumors we can call them leaks.
Apple iPhone 7 Preview

One of the most trending leak or rumor is the removing of head phone jack let me explain you what is it.
iPhone 7 Jack Removed

Headphone Jack Removed:

One of the main reason is Apple is making its cell phones thicker. Apple decides that removing the jack will help them to maintain the slimness and will help to make it more slimmer than berfore.
Here is a preview what they want.
Difference Between Two Models
So know you can see what i am saying to you. They are making every thing even slim and slimmer .
They are replacing the Headphone jack with lightning jack. You know what a lightning jack is don't worry if not. Let me tell you what is it see the preview down bellow.
iPhone 7 Lightning Headphone
 Main Gossip why this change is for? In top concern we have concluded a result that this change will bring a very powerful change in the Voice and music quality. Now you can experience more realistic audio and this will also make it stable for long time.
iPhone Headphone Preview


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