Monday, 8 August 2016

Apple iPhone 7 Concept Design - Apple Pictures & Videos

This time their are many different concepts about the shape of the iPhone 7 are running on the internet every is displaying its idea but here down bellow I will show you some of the most popular
designs and shapes that may iPhone 7 will come with.

Apple iPhone 7 Concept Design: 
In iPhone 7 there are a lot of design and concept. but their is no one truest no one knows which one real concept and design. In this new iPhone 7 Apple drop 16 GB model and now offer 32 GB at a minimum and offering 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB with smart connector as well as dual camera lens and black color to be added. According to the United State reporter discuss a prospects  of iPhone 7 and told the new design and concept some of them are under:

Apple iPhone 7 Conceot Designs

As you can see this in this design  Apple is giving smooth edge and a a silver border around and it is giving its volume button and silent knob in silver outlook.

iPhone 7 Curve Design

In this design you are seeing that their is a curve in the shape of the iPhone. The back smooth and little bit curved. You can see clearly. The screen to body ratio is also increased. Almost edge to edge shaped. 

iPhone 7 Apple Glow Pic

 This time their are many rumors about the back of iPhone that this time Apple will make the iPhone7 back Apple glow. When we receive notifications and their will be 5 different colors of the glow light.

iPhone 7 Slim Outlook Picture

In the above picture you can see that their is a very slim model is displayed in this picture. Yea it is true that Apple is working on it model slimness and shape. This one right here is a beautiful and slim shaped cell phone.


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