Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Virtual Button Feature Rumors About iPhone 7

Many rumors many twists. Some are true but some are just rumors. But in the whole every thing gives some information some idea. Here down bellow i will talk about totally the rumor of virtual button and give you reasons and benefits.
Apple iPhone 7 Virtual Button Concept

They are making this home button merged in side to create a new style and a new look. but the main purpose of it is to make the screen more wider and to make it smoother.

iPhone 7 is also removing the side buttons. Like the volume and the silent knob. They are merging them inside the touch screen and even they are even removing them completely.

Apple Slim Preview
One more preview is down bellow which shows that this time the volume button will be on the right side of the mobile here is a preview down bellow.
iPhone 7 Side Preview



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