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iOS 10 New Features and Designs - Apple iPhone 7 Comes With IOS 10

Now Apple`s introduced latest operating system for their mobile iPhone as well iPad. That is iOS 10. Which was released in 13 June, 2016. If you want to know more feature about iOS 10 operating system, then the best is to install it right now. 
iPhone iOS 10

iOS 10 Compatibility:

All iPhone which are Satiating after iPhone 5 are compatible for IOS 10. The OS comes with an exciting feature that will give us speedy performance. When you bought a brand New iPhone then check it OS if it has less then iOS 10. Then you must upgrade it. The following mention iPhones, iPads and iPods.


         i.            iPhone 5
       ii.            iPhone 5c
     iii.            iPhone 5s
     iv.            iPhone SE
       v.            iPhone 6 plus
     vi.            iPhone 6
   vii.            iPhone 6s Plus
 viii.            iPhone 6


         i.            iPad mini
       ii.            iPad mini 2
     iii.            iPad mini 3
     iv.            iPad mini 4
       v.            iPad 2
     vi.            iPad 3rd generation
   vii.            iPad 4rd generation
 viii.            iPad Air
     ix.            iPad Air 2
       x.            iPad Pro 9.7-inch
     xi.            iPad Pro 12.9-inch

iOS 10 Raise To Wake With PictureiPods:

         i.            iPod 5rd generation
       ii.            iPod 6rd generation

iOS 10 Feature are under:

1.    iOS 10 Raise to wake:

            In iOS 10 one of the more convenient function that is “Raise to Wake” for Apple iPhones. Remember that this function works only that devices which are under:
  • iPhone 6s, 6s Plus.
  • iPhone SE.

In mostly device it doesn’t work. Because they have “Beta” first. This is the big slap hit of iOS 10 that completely change your iPhone using method.

2.    iOS 10 Look Screen Notifications:

In Apple iPhone you will see that notification are broken the form of bubble now you can use 3D-Touch to show hidden menu action. This feature works batter for Messages.

iOS 10 Look Screen Notification With Picture

Now through this feature you can reply your friend or family member as soon as you pick up your iPhone and press power button.

3.    iOS 10 Clear Look Screen Notifications:

Now iOS 10 introduce the greatest facility for their users. I think this is the best change to iOS 10. Now at look screen we can clear all our notification with using 3D-touch. We know that before it we use dismissed every notification on by one now iOS 10 saves our time.

iOS 10 Clear Look Screen Notifications With Picture

We just need touch at “X” icon which is new designed for notification pulldown menu and tap the “Clear all” icon. We just tap on it once and see all notification are gone.

4.       iOS 10 Water Detection:

Now with new update Apple make you more secure. Our iPhone are not waterproof but Apple avoid us to potential water damage with new update of iOS 10.   
iOS 10 Water Detection With Picture

As in iOS beta 2 report a waring message about using lighting accessory at the bottom of device if you installed new OS then it detected water.

5.   iOS 10 Control Center:

In this new update Apple make their iPhone more reliable for their user. They Make their devices more friendly as they can could. Now we can access control center layout in iOS 10.

iOS 10 Control Center With Picture
For accessing this feature you need just slide your finger from bottom toward upward. Now you see four app shortcuts which are Flashlight, Stopwatch, Calculator and Camera app. Now you can access all these thing after locking screen. just press power button and do same.

6.   iOS 10 Talk to Siri:

 After a bundle of people requested Apple introduced new awesome feature in iPhone that is "Siri". In other word we can the that personal assistance without any cost.Siri is a third party app.
iOS 10 Talk to Siri With Picture
Now we can asking anything about phone to siri. Give it to instruction to do anything. we can send message can make a call can watch any video by giving a single instruction. Remember that siri can get instruction in only English. Now you can active siri
Settings > General > Siri. For active say "Hey Siri" after it you can access press menu button for a long time. Now if you don`t give instruction through voice then you can use keyboard.

7.   iOS 10 Message App:

In latest iOS 10 messages is introducing many more emoji`s that way we are having to love with iOS 10. This time Apple making three time bigger emoji`s. In this update iOS 10  72 new emoji`s were developed.

 iOS 10 Message App With Picture

How To Update:

                        If you have one of these device. Then why are you waiting for? Just tap on your iPhone setting > general > software update and enjoy the amazing feature of iOS 10. It increases your battery life and goes to power saving mode automatically when your battery about to dead. But most important thing that make sure you have compatible device for iOS 10 then upgrade it.



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