Saturday, 20 August 2016

More Information and Leaks About The Apple iPhone 7

You will find many thing on internet fake or real its your choice. Here I have collected some of the best Leaks of iPhone 7. You will love know what they are going to give and what are the changes and what are they going to made. So lets gather and explore the secrets.

More Leaks of iPhone 7:

iPhone 7 Leaks Images


The water Proofing:

This time rumors are out that Apple will give waterproofing to their iPhone 7 and if this rumor is true than surely this time Apple really rocks. This will boost up the system very often. Peoples are from very often looking that when this feature will come. Now I think it is out.
iPhone 7 Waterproofing Test.

Wireless Charging:

Rumors and some of the special leaks are out that this time Wireless Charging feature will also come with the New iPhone7. This is a big evolution. No need to find a charger no need to plug the cable just place the phone to charge it using wireless technology. Its preview is given bellow just see the difference:
iPhone 7 Wireless Charger

Replacement of Micro USB Cable:

This time apple is totally dropping the Micro USB and going to transfer all it on lightning Cable. This change will change many thing mainly it will reduce the chances of broken Jack. Now you don't need to see which side is correct to insert the cable you can do it with out even looking at it. This cable is fast and stable.
iPhone 7 Lightning Cable

Dual Camera:

This Time iPhone is expected with dual camera and dual focus. This time they have worked very well on the idea of dual camera. One camera will do the work of zoom while other one will focus and image. By using this we will get a high resolution result and we will feel like using a DSLR.
Dual Camera Rieview Of iPhone 7



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