Monday, 22 August 2016

Short Review of Apple iPhone 7 With Expected Features

Everyone is very thirsted for about iPhone 7. There are many rumors flying about iPhone 7, that is about releasing date, What are the new features, concept and design in iPhone for 2016? And what will we call new Apple iPhone? How much all these thing true it will prove after lunching new iPhone. After taking review of all rumors and feature we conclude a lot of result how look Apple iPhone, What the new feature in it. But all the predication how many, true show on 16 September 2016.
Might be possible the iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus are getting closer. Today websites full of about new iPhone that world famous brand lunched in 2016. In this article we gather short information about every topic for next iPhone. Firstly we talk about releasing date of new iPhone in different countries.
New iPhone Releasing Date:
Might be possible that new iPhone have different releasing date in different country. But we all know that Apple iPhone is a U.S brand so here we talk about releasing date in U.S. According to the rumors there different but here I tell you according to the U.S reporter the new iPhone lunching date is in the following section.

Launch Date:

Mostly people knows that iPhone will lunched in September but their are minor people who knows when new iPhone will lunched. But when there I am there is no tension. So here  I tell you new iPhone 7 will lunched on Friday 16 September 2016.

Stereo jack OR Lightning Port :

Those iPhone which are available in market had headphone jack. But in this iPhone mostly rumors are that is headphone removed and this time lightning jack introduced first time in the world. Now fans of the music can enjoying their music with lighting headphone.Headphone OR Lightning jack With Picture

Battery Life:

This time new iPhone 7 changes everything. Battery timing in the iPhone 7 may be a little better than the previous iPhone's. Apple brand introduce a powerful battery in iPhone 7. In previous iPhone battery timing was good after seeing the screen graphics.

Apple iPhone 7 Battery Life With Picture
16 GB will Removed?

This is HD world mean High Graphic. Now days every person desire download high resolution video, games and software. In the all for that thing more space required so that 16 GB i think not enough in this device. So we can expect that the new iPhone 7 start with 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB options.

16 GB will Removed? With Picture

iPhone 7 Waterproof:
According to an American reporter. After lunching iPhone 6S. Apple decided they will lunch iPhone with waterproof test. Now in this year their dream come true. In upcoming event now it would be interesting what will be next stage of iPhone.
Apple iPhone 7 Waterproof With Picture

Wireless charging:
The most critical situation of battle between Samsung and iPhone is very old and Samsung took first position in discovering new feature. But Apple didn't  make feature like Samsung so Rumors are coming that this time iPhone 7 will be charged without any cable it had wireless ability to charge cell iPhone.
 Dual Camera:
The most awesome feature in iPhone 7  it has Dual-Camera. This time iPhone design iPhone 7 with latest technology as well as using batter machine then before. iPhone 7 will come with Dual-Camera. According to the American reporter the Dual-Camera has more recently been associated with new rumors surrounding  the iPhone 7.

Wireless Charging With Picture

Smart Connector:
This time accessory maker change totally iPhone 7 design by replacing lighting cable with USB cable. Now I would be interesting what Apple do with their iPhone 7. But I am very sure about i would be very useful for all.

Smart Connector With Picture
Introducing iOS 10:
Now Apple`s introduced latest operating system for Apple iPhone 7. That is iOS 10. Which was released in 13 June, 2016. If you want to know more feature about iOS 10 operating system, then the best is to install it right now or wait until lunching iPhone 7.
Introducing iOS 10 With Picture

Speaker of iPhone 7:
The iPhone 7 speakers could play a role in helping users rely on headphones less in some situations. Apple upgraded the speaker on the iPhone 6s, pushing out louder, better sounding audio than the iPhone 6, but we want a little more from the iPhone 7.
Speaker of iPhone 7 With Picture
iPhone 7 Performance:
in upcoming iPhone 7 Apple brand use very high technology. Which provide great comfort and console to users. It working speed do anything without any hesitation. We also mention battery life above. So here we not talk about it. Now ready for buying because iPhone 7 coming Soon in this September 2016.

Apple iPhone 7 Performance With Picture



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