Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Top 4 Competitors of Upcoming Apple's iPhone 7

Although iPhone has its own market and its own users but when the gossip comes to the competitors every one has to face competition in many ways. Like some of features issue some of the shape issue some of the price competition some time speed become the reason of the fight and some time durability comes between. So their are many expects of competition let us see the top 4 competitors of iPhone 7.
Top 4 Competitors of iPhone 7:
Apple VS Andriod

Samsung Galaxy Note 5:

The Top in the list and the most compared phone with iPhone 7 is Galaxy Note 5. Samsung has the oldest and most remarkable rivalry with iPhone. The camera the size the features every thing is noticed by both iPhone and Samsung users. In the whole their is seem to be no competitions between both of them as they are working on different platforms but they have. But you can say they are famous because of their remarkable rivalry.
Some of the competition factors are their battery both have great batter timing and stand alone time. Their screen resolution and their size is different. Samsung Note 5 has a beautiful stylus with it but iPhone has something you can bullet proof security system and so on the rivalry continuous.

Sony Xperia Z4 vs iPhone 7:

Sony Xperia is also in the race against Apple iPhone 7. Their model Xperia Z4 is giving a tough time to iPhone 7 as its main feature is water proofing technology and the great camera resolution. Their shape and their battery is also very good and it is running on latest 6.0.1 android OS. Its screen size is 5.4 inches and storage is upto 32GB.

They have a sleek design here is a preview of it down bellow:

Sony Xperia Z 4 Preview

HTC M9 vs iPhone 7:

HTC M 9 is i can say one of the best Android phones int he market. It has a wide screen of about 5.2 inches and HD display of about 2560x1440 pixel. It has a sleek metallic body. It has latest android OS installed in it. It has a greet working camera with class picture quality. It has a long battery and has a out class shape and design. It comes with great audio system of beats and it comes with beats hands free. Its speed and accuracy is really giving a tough challenge to all.

Here down bellow is a preview of HTC M 9:

HTC M9 Review Picture


It is totally a Chines market set with lots of feature. This mobile was specially made to target the Indian market and this mobile did what he was made to do. This phones comes with 5.7 inches touch screen and a high resolution of  2560x1440 and comes with 4gb ram and 32 and 64 GB internal memory. It has a great battery timing and unbelievable performance. This phone is also in the line to trouble the iPhone 7 market. Let us see what happens.

Here is a full preview if XIAOMI M5:

XIAOMI M5 Preview




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