Thursday, 8 September 2016

First Time Apple is Introducing Its Upcoming iPhone 7 Waterproof

Most world popular brand introducing first time in all over the world an amazing phone. The brand name is Apple and his phone name is iPhone 7. The new rumors about Apple iPhone 7  will be water proof. Who much it is trust it will come to know in 16 September 2016. In now days where the competitor like Samsung, Sony, L.G and other rivals already lunched their waterproof smartphone in all over the world. But still Apple did`t offer such kind phone like waterproof. But how that possible Apple anyone beat iPhone so be patient this time in a September Apple lunch their smartest Phone ever which beat every competitor. So just relax until September.
Apple iPhone 7 Waterproof:
According to an American reporter. After lunching iPhone 6S. Apple decided they will lunch iPhone with waterproof test. Now in this year their dream come true.
Apple iPhone 7 Waterproof With Picture
Apple has been ahead of the rivals most of the times when it comes to bring innovation with every new iPhone and if new iPhone 7 could be waterproofed. it will again be a new innovation. There are many other brand and they give very tough time to iPhone 7. Usually the smartphone which are waterproof can resist water for 30-mints maximum and if submerged within a depth of 1 meter only. 
Mostly Samsung, Sony HTC and Lenovo these brand have numbers of phone of waterproof in a market all over the world. Some of phone device are under:

  • Sony Xperia Z3
Sony advertises its waterproof Xperia Z3 with an image of people using the smartphone underwater.Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone page on Sony on website still boasts that owners can take pictures with the best smartphone camera while swimming in fresh water for up to 30 minutes. but that doesn't mean you take picture at any time Xperia Z3 warning to their user not use mobile while driving.

Sony Xperia Z3 With Picture
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
    Samsung think about waterproof after a long time but in last previous they 
    achieve their goal and successfully lunched their first phone Samsung S5 in all over the world. See the below picture and think that what technology use at that time.  
Samsung Galaxy S5 With Picture
  • HTC Butterfly
    hTc is one of the popular brand wh give very tough time to Samsung as well as iPhone. In this way they lunched a lot of mobile in the market. They lunched his first smartphone with the amazing feature in 2015 the feature is that "Waterproof". When they lunched that phone they got a lot of point in the market.  
HTC Butterfly With Picture
  • Lenovo A660
Lenove A660 is most popular brand of china. China has the world largest smartphone market.  They recently lunched Lenovo A660 with waterproof. Now they fail to make but after this they show great improvement in this matter a introduce a lot of waterproof mobile in the company. 

Lenovo A660 With Picture



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