Thursday, 8 September 2016

iOS 10 Secrets and Tips

Apple iPhone is an impressive tool with hundreds and thousand of brilliant features, but there is a lot of secrets and tips that mostly people don`t know actually they are exist until now. Here I will tell you tell you about the tips and secrets of Apple iPhone 7. You must be surprised to know how much your iPhone can accomplish if you have got a few insider tips and secrets. So read here full post for understanding iPhone more closely. Now mostly iPhone have iOS 10. Which just discover the iPhone as well as iPad upgrading to iOS 10 your iPhone and iPad. This iOS update is massive containing a most important improvement in it. That is Siri, iMessages, Apple Maps and much more.
iOS 10 Secrets And Tips:
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Swipe For Widgets:
Now in Apple iPhone 7 lunched with iOS 10. It will be totally new so that their will be a lot of feature and tips in it. Now here i tell you what we do swipe for widgets on home screen. When you install iOS 10 you will be presented with a new Home Screen. We find this change the most unlocking our iPhone and iPad had remained the same process. Now just swipe right and enter your pass-code. 
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 With Touch ID now firmly entrenched on all new Apple devices, Apple's decided that the swipe to unlock gesture is no longer required. Instead, you can swipe right to access a Widgets window and swipe left to access Camera. These gestures are more intuitive than the current ones.
Custom Widgets:
Now you can add the custom widgets in it. The widgets which is display app information on iPhone Home Screen with unlocking the iPhone or give not compulsory give pass key. In first time it just display weather , time and information from the calendar. as well as News, Music, Batteries and Reminder as well as Siri app suggestion. Touch to any app from upper given may you be asked to use Touch ID or Enter passcoode if you sure your phone with this. 

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Remove Apps:
In the iPhone 7 now you can remove your installed apps. Now you can also remove its stocks apps from the home screen. There are a few exceptions. Find iPhone and Feedback are locked as is playground on our iPhone or iPad for some technical Issue. But we can`t never ride of Apple store, Apple Map, Face Time, Calendar  and iTune store. If you removed your apps bu mistake then you can re-install it from App Store with searching the name of that app.
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Sketch in Message:
In next iPhone 7 which lunched in 16 September bring a wonderful and amazing feature with them that is sketch message. I know you are very supersize to read that what is that. Now don`t worry about it here i am going to tell you about it. The ability to sketch out message was first time introduce on the App Watch. It`s a fun feature . For this open messages and tap the sketch icon. Sketch a drawing on the black rectangle area then send your family and friend.
Sketch in Message With Picture

Bedtime in Clock:
In upcoming iPhone 7 there is a such amazing feature that is a bedtime in clock. The clock App now has a new feature called Bedtime. Through this function we can wake up alarm and remind me go to bed. For this purpose and facilitates  you just need to Open clock and tap to Bedtime and now get started. In this function bedtime asks what time you want to wake up and tap to next and deselect the days the alarm should not go off.
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Shoot in a Burst Mode:
Burst mode is a new feature that lets you capture several photos simultaneously. In iOS 7, quickly capturing multiple photos was achieved by tapping the capture button several times, but now you need only to tap and hold the capture button until you’ve captured your desired number of photos.
Shoot in a Burst Mode With Picture



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