Thursday, 8 September 2016

This Time Apple iPhone 7 Going to Get Duel Sensor Camera

Now Apple followed his traditional release pattern in the past when they lunched iPhone`s design. Every year Apple release iPhone then after a year they lunched their "S" model in the market. But Now this time we will see more prominent changes in iPhone 7 as compare to their previous models. But according to the U.S reporter iPhone 7 same like just but their is a two main difference in this iPhone as compare to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. One of them is under:
Apple iPhone 7 With Dual Camera:The most amazing feature of this time in Apple iPhone 7 that is Dual-Camera. According to the American reporter the Dual-Camera has more recently been associated with new rumors surrounding  the iPhone 7. Keep in mind that it is currently not clear that iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S will be the same. or may that is possible Apple lunch a separate there third model this year.

Apple iPhone 7 With Dual Camera With Picture
This time iPhone design iPhone 7 with latest technology as well as using batter machine then before. iPhone 7 will come with Dual-Camera. In this phone totally their a three camera`s First camera called primary camera and second one called secondary camera. And third one called tertiary camera. What the function of tertiary camera in this phone. We all know that the working of primary and secondary camera. But tertiary camera will have awesome features. Tertiary camera also called Zoom camera, The main function of this camera is we can focus on the object correctly. In this result whenever we take shoot it makes picture more reliable. Apple recently acquired a company called LinX, which makes 3D camera sensors that are said to match DSLRs in terms of performance, despite their size. Apparently these cameras have depth-sensing abilities make them useful for facial recognition, 3D scanning and post-shot refocusing, all this information taken from U.S reporter.
Apple iPhone 7 With Dual Camera With Picture
It has been rightly said that Apple iPhone 7 will offer a more "traditional" camera, but that it will sit flush with the rear, as we mentioned earlier. More recent rumor suggest it may not sit flush at all however, as we also mentioned previously. A leak report from Taiwan claims to show off the Dual-Camera lens, as does a case leak on Unbox Therapy. The former leak claims the iPhone 7 will feature a normal focus 12-megapixel sensor and lens and one telephoto 12-megapixel sensor and lens. If combined with LinX smarts, it should allow the camera to intelligently sense depth, which would be ideal for 3D scanning or smart augmented reality experiences. Here we show how a camera fix in a Apple iPhone 7.
Fix Dual-Camera in iPhone 7:
Now here i will show you how fix a Dual-Camera in iPhone 7. Ina first step i will show dual camera.
Fix Dual-Camera in iPhone 7 With Picture

Two camera are shows in above picture which use in latest mobile Apple iPhone 7. On the left side it is a zoom camera and at the right side show you Zoom camera. In the next step i will tell you how to fix on the board of iPhone 7.
There is different design for Apple iPhone 7 how to fix camera so don`t be confused what hell going on. So  this is complete step after all iPhone look like this. I think Dual-Camera feature in made it separate from all. Now you should must ready your pocket and violet because such type awesome phone waiting for you.


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